About Karma Cards 

Author: Monte Farber

Originally published in 1988 by Sterling

This is a 36 card deck, it includes 12 planet cards (10 planets plus 1 south node and 1 north node), 12 zodiac sign cards and 12 cards assigned to the Astrological Houses.

This deck was created as a spiritual guidance tool, meant to connect one and improve communication with the Higher-Self through astrological principles and symbols.

It is very easy to use and gives a dual meaning and purpose to each card. There is even an option, using a special key, to conduct ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Questions with brief descriptions behind each reasoning.

I usually always try to provide a photo of each spread I do on all of my decks. So pictures will help those that may want a better understanding of how Karma cards work, but just to give a brief description, you seperate the 36 cards into three, 12 card piles with each pile being composed of their corresponding suit, such as planets, signs and houses, and you lay piles in that order as well, for when you turn each card they contain part of a complete statement focusing on either actions or outcomes to a situation or question.

Again very easy to use and very interesting as far as any astrological divination is concerned.