About Karens Kards 369

This site focuses on divination with specific card decks. It is not meant to prophesy or enable personal gain, moreless it concentrates on humanity as a whole collective. I know it goes against Christian and Catholic faiths, as well as islamic, ect., and I can honestly say that I understand why, coming from their points of view. My point of view is a little different though, as I do read the bible, and what I can of the Quran, and as many different ancient religious sources as possible, I remain open and respectful of other’s faith and belief systems, I only ask the same from anyone else.

That being said, I thus far hold the belief that there is a force likened to the concept of god, a force that goes beyond and above our understanding, because perhaps God doesn’t even know itslef completely, that is a large part of why we are here. I think one of the closest aspects we contain within our being to that of god is our souls, the Holy Ghost, it is our portion of God to live out here and perhaps elsewhere. So I think much of our turning to God is misdirected as we turn to books and up to the sky, always outward, now I don’t condone inflating the ego, and many might say that is what I am doing. As I am aware how sly and starved our ego’s can be, I do believe that beyond that devilish egotostical block is your higher self, which is a god like frequency we can hone in on and subconciously communicate with and be guided by. I make sure to focus all questions on the intent of unconditional love, protection and our best interests always. One deck that I use is the Gilded Tarot Deck,it’s likened to the Rider-Waite Deck. I also read from a deck of Karma cards that have an astrological precedence, as well as an Oracle Card deck named Sacred Rebel. I don’t make any prophet, or fortune telling claims. My intentions are for entertainment, fun and the minds of magickally curious. Above all, better yourself based on your own instructions, and have as much fun as you can!