Summer Solstice Spread

*There are approx. 14 hours of sunlight this solstice, thus I will draw 14 cards, counting 1 card for each hour of sunlight. I’ll then divide the 14 cards into 2 groups of 7; 1 group symbolizing the lights increase from Winter to Summer and and the 2nd group symbolizing the light’s decent from Summer back to Winter Solstice.
QUESTION: A general message from higher self using the cycles of light and dark via the seasons. Happy Summer Solstice!

i. King of Cups
ii. 15 The Devil *Reversed
iii. Ace of Swords
iv. King of Swords *reversed
v. 11 Justice *Reversed
vi. 5 of Swords
vii. 7 The Chariot *Reversed
viii. 21 The World *Reversed
ix. 11 Knight of Pentacles
x. 19 The Sun
xi. 7 of Swords *Reversed
xii. 10 of Pentacles *Reversed
xiii. 8 of Pentacles
xiv. 10 Wheel of Fortune


There is an adult man, he is warm, genuine and easy-going, somebody that everyone likes. This man is loyal and kind and generally family oriented, as a thoughtful lover, good husband and adoring father. He may seem emotionally detached when wrestling with his own inner turmoil. Nonetheless he has a deep concern for others. He is not generally ambitious by nature, but is able to attain notable positions when the drive is intitated. He may actually lack drive or backbone. There could be a strong avoidance of conflict to the point of denial.
Minor bad habits are present that could lead to more serious addictions. There is a strong desire for freedom and even stronger potential for breaking out.
Victory and triumph over difficulties, as their are great reserves
of inner strength and clarity of thought. The mind is at a potential to be sharper and clearer and there is a strong ability to overcome setbacks/adversity through your own actions.
We come across an adult male who is an extreme disciplinarian. Quite unsympathetic, harsh and issuing bad judgment much of the time as a result.
Speaking of results, we can see unfairness resulting badly. Decisions go awry, legal battles are lost and prison sentences may be issued.
Continuing on this sombering path we get the air that deceit is involved, someone may have a hidden agenda. Dishonor, defeat or loss are indicative. Caution should be exercised , you may be in an unwinnable argument. Consider “cutting your losses” and walking away. For there comes upon us an uncontrolled force with heavy-handedness and a shadow of slavery.
Then the world begins to lose sight of the goal and we begin wavering. Unable to make a necessary change at that last minute we fall at that final hurdle!
Yet there may be hope, a knight in shining armour so to speak. A young man that is methodical and very dependable to carry things out to the end, very reliable and/or an event is transpiring, something you have been waiting for is finally coming through!
Here comes the sun! It is bright and positive, happy relationships, contentment/fulfillment, success, triumph, prosperity and good health.
What shines must dim, and we see dishonesty and deception come upon us. Great shame is felt in returning stolen goods.
As far as materials are concerned there are family disagreements, feuds and overcrowded living spaces!
There is an apprenticeship forming. Through ones already existing skills and talents, there can be a new career opportunity or something where there can be found financial gain such as learning establishments such as universities. A good time to focus on what you know to get out there and make a career change.
A fortunate time is upon you, as the transient nature of things go. The commencement of a new cycle as progress can now be made.