Daily Tarot Reading: Blind Spot Spread



*This is a four card spread, see below for card positions, meaning of position along with tarot card that was pulled in that position and it’s correlating meaning.*

CARD 1=  Known to Others and Known to Self is Temperance reversed, this is personifying a woman old enough to exhume experience in her actions as she can perfectly balance everything with perfect expression, yet there is intemperance being demonstrated and extremes in behavior. There may also be a fear from making mistakes to lead to constant inaction, for it may be appropriate at times, inaction is not always the right choice and turns to stagnation which is lethal. 

CARD 2=NOT known to Self & NOT known to Others is the Queen of Pentacles reversed. This has a matriarchal energy, like that of an older woman, one who is down to earth and practical minded. Yet there is a message here that exudes the warning of fixation on end results resulting in a loss of joy in the process of creating. There is a danger of worrying about money and/or materials too much. While it is wise to be careful, obsession with frugality can sacrifice ones spiritual, creative and emotional life, this is not worth the price of practicality.

CARD 3= NOT known to Others, Known to Self is the 10 of Wands reversed. This  says that one is at the end of an arduous task, and even though there is extreme exhaustion, there is a ligh at the end of tunnel, capable of offering the determination to see this through, but there is a danger of stopping too soon, don’t let the light at the end of the tunnel cause faltering. There is also the danger of taking on too much or just straight out avoiding responsibility and necessary action.

CARD 4= Known to  Others, NOT known to Self is the King of Swords reversed. Here we have the energy of a mature man, who is intellectual and logical, controlling external matters, sometimes at the expense of internal or personal ones. There is warning here of the extreme of letting intelligence define one in full. More balance is needed to be sought in one’s self-image. There is the danger of becoming a snob. It should also be noted that although the mind is powerful, if turned inward too much it will lead to paranoia. This card is also indicative of a mature masculine energy that is manipulative, tyrannical and abusive.