This site is focused on divination card readings. I work with 3 different decks one of them being a 78 card Tarot card deck, the second being a 44 card Oracle Card deck and the third being a 36 card Karma card deck. For more information on each deck please visit the ‘About’ pages for each deck or find corresponding links that are provided.

I will try to do daily spreads from at least one deck daily, and use all three decks to conduct monthly and yearly spreads. I will highlight which deck I am using and include descrptions on what cards are pulled and what they mean, in addition I will provide pictures of the current spreads. These descriptions will focus on each deck, but I will also include a synopsis where I combine all three deck meanings into one ultimate picture.

You may apply the readings personally if you would like, or you may remain objective and purely enjoy readings for amusement purposes only. 

Either way, be respectful. Malicious or Malevenant intent will not be tolerated.

Thank you and enjoy!